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Alternative Therapy

Discover Earthly Haven Holistic Healing

A Natural Approach to Healing

I’m a Energy Healer based in the Montague area. I offer a holistic approach to medicine and passionately believe in the power of the body to heal through an alternative and naturistic path. I work primarily out of my home in Gaspereaux & offer travel appointments. 
Exciting news!! I have started offering treatments out of The Turning Point (Down East Mall, Montague) on Friday's only. Beyond grateful to start this new chapter of my new journey in energy healing!! 🙏💚
I have also started offering Group Reiki Events 1-3 times a month! Events all posted on FB page, like and follow my page to keep in the loop!! 😍✨️🎉

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Treatment Options

A Unique Approach

I’m a caring Reiki Healer specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

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Reiki Treatment

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki

Universal Energy

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.


Access Bars®️

Virus Scan For The Body & Mind

A series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain & the body, allowing for tremendous & easy change. Takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, & beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain & releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.


ThetaHealing®️: Basic DNA

Live our most enlightened, successful lives!

"ThetaHealing®️ is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that uses focused thought and prayer. We believe our training method offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by tapping into the Theta brain wave and connecting with the Creator Of All That Is. When we experience this connection, we can reprogram our minds to clear limiting beliefs and think positively. This brings out the best in ourselves and allows us to live our most enlightened, successful lives." -

Contact me today to find out about my unique approach and to schedule an appointment.

Contact Me

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

Booking Site:

699 Pembroke Road,
Gaspereaux, PE C0A 1R0


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About Me

My Journey

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Camillea Dean. I've worked part-time as an LPN in long-term care since June 2019. I’ve been a Reiki Healer since May '23 & received my Reiki Master in November '23. I also became an Accsss Bars Practitioner in July '23 & ThetaHealer®️ Basic DNA in November '23. I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach and am dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each client to make sure they receive the approach that works best for them. Please contact me to find out more.

Reiki Healing
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Top Questions

Holistic Care Questions

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Dress comfortable!! You'll be under a blanket while laying on a comfy massage table.

What should I expect from my first session?

Reiki Treatment - I'll be hands-on, energy healing. It will involve all points of the body. Usual hand placements are ears, face, neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs and feet. I will also cleanse your aura. 
Access Bars Treatment - I'll be sitting at your head. I will go through a series of hand placements and finger placements. Forehead, temple, above the ears, behind the ears, back of the head, and top of the head. First session has one area that "runs" for longer, which is the reason for the 30 min difference between initial and follow-up appointments. 

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